Greetings from Chairman Hasitha Gunasekara


Hasitha Gunasekara
Chairman – Board of Management - IQSSL
Chairman - PAQS YQSG (2019-2022)

I have been honored to be appointed as the fourth Chairman of the PAQS- young QS group.

As I believe the young generation is the key drivers of any profession. Their active participation towards the profession and commitment for the success would decide the future of the profession. As the young QS group (YQSG) of the PAQS we hold this task since the first program held in 2010.
Being the proud member of this group since 2011 I was privileged to work with three chairmen; Sr Joseph Chong, Sr Yeap Soon Kiat and Sr Aaron Wong whom I would like to express my gratitude. With their commitment they uplift this group to this position. I will have the responsibility of carrying their efforts further to the future.

YQSG has been always a flatform for sharing knowledge and experience of young QSs who are practicing in different environment. More over this has been a social gathering where we could develop new friendship and experience new cultures. Even though this team has been called young QS group, this has been always a family with its members are scattered in different countries.
I am grateful to the knowledge I gain through the interaction with members of the YQSG. It is proud to see the growing membership of this group year by year and to see the new youngsters who are joining each year. 

All the credit should go to the founder members of this group, past chairmen who has relentlessly put their efforts to this group, all the committee members who has provide their support throughout these years & years to follows and more over to the members of this group for their continuous support and commitment.

Further I wish to convey my sincere gratitude for the PAQS chairman and the committee members for their trust laid upon this group of youngsters.