Greetings from Chairman Aaron Wong

Aaron Wong Chuan Xing
PUJA (Brunei) General Member 4 Chairman for Young Surveyor Group (2016 – 2017)
PAQS YQSG Chairman (2016 – 2018)

Ladies and Gentlemen.
It is an honor to be the third chairman of the Young Quantity Surveyors Group. The support given is highly appreciated and I shall lead the group the best I can.
I would like to thank our first Chairman Sr Joseph Chong Hok Ching and second Chairman Sr Yeap Soon Kiat for their amazing effort in making what YQSG of PAQS is today as well as their enormous support and valuable advice in the management and activities carried out over the years and hopefully in the many years to come.
I was able to attend the PAQS YQSG Programme since 2012 where it was hosted in Brunei Darussalam, then Xi’an of China, Hong Kong, Yokohama of Japan, Christchurch of New Zealand and now Vancouver of Canada. And hopefully many more years to come.
I value this platform dearly because it has allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge and friendships. It is a marvel that each country has their own construction culture while the foundation is very much the same anywhere on Earth. It is a success that YQSG platform has enabled sharing of ideas, experiences and information from various countries that would have been otherwise unreachable. Let us continue to strengthen this platform for the benefit of young Quantity Surveyors for generations to come.
Lastly, I would also like to thank our committee members for working hard together. Though we had the barrier of time zones and distances between more than 10 countries, we managed to align to our goals. I am pleased to see that year after year, our group was not content to rest on its laurels but strive to build on its programs, foster and bond.
So, let us strive on and on together. Thank you!