Greetings from Chairman Wong Yi Min


Wong Yi Min 
Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) 
PAQS YQSG chairman (2022-2024)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hello everyone. I was my utmost honoured to be nominated as the 5th Chairman for PAQS Young Quantity Surveyors Group (YQSG) for the new term. 

Allow me to begin by thanking the outgoing Chair, Mr. Hasitha Gunasekana of IQSSL for the important work he had done over the last two terms. It had been a great opportunity for me to have worked with and supported him as the Secretary for YQSG in the past two terms. Thank you to the PAQS Chair, Professor Chitra Weddikkara, and the Board for the trust and recognition for me in the appointment. Special thanks to those who have believed in me and recommended me to take on this honourable role. 

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Past Chair and Advisor of YQSG, Aaron Wong and Amie from PUJA and PICQS respectively for their continued support and encouragement rendered to me. I am also grateful to PAQS Past Chairman Mr Kwan Hock Hai from RISM for his words of wisdom and affirmation. 

The year 2022 had marked an eventful year and was particularly significant for me. First, PAQS was held in Singapore, my homeland. I was part of the organising committee and also led the planning for YQSG program. It was very heartwarming to see everyone in person after the two years hiatus where friends and acquaintances exchanged hugs and hands shake. Being the recipient of PAQS Service Excellent Award for my years of service and contribution to PAQS, I am earnestly committed to PAQS and YQSG. 

Moving on, I am eagerly looking forward to working together with PAQS members, other associated member countries and, especially, the YQSG Committee to create a more effective, cohesive and intellectual group at the international level for the benefit of, not only the rights holders (YQSG in this case) but also the general membership of the PAQS. I am a strong believer of continued learning and I hope to bring more educational talks and webinars to the family of PAQS and the young promising professionals. Echoing Aaron’s chairman message, “let us strive on and on together”. 

Take care my friend and till we meet again.