Greetings from the Chair

Sr Yeap Soon Kiat
Chair 2014-15

Greetings to All or Jikou no aisatsu in Japanese,

I am most honored & humbled to be given this top spot to deliver some of my heart felt messages to my fellow PAQS YQSG members & hard-serving YQSG exco.

Next year 28-29 May, we will again gather in Japan’s beautiful modern city of Yokohama and look forward to a bigger participation from all 13 member countries. Let’s together relive the warmth and cuddling brief moments we all had together recently in Hong Kong 2014 as well as previous year programs. It is through all our efforts that we can show to the world that we are truly international without boundaries and one big family of PAQS YQSG. Remembering the earthquake and tsunami of November 2012, we as a group of young caring QS should also come together with a financial or physical plan prior to Yokohama 2015 to support and care to some of the victims of the disaster namely orphans & elderly. 

One of my missions is to groom up future leaders and train up a strong team that will helm YQSG in the near future. And I look forward to partner, mentor and guide Young QS Warriors who are ready, available, dedicated & passionate about our young group’s missions and visions. 

Last but not least, I must say that my predecessor no other than Sr Joseph Chong and his previous team did a great job in giving birth and growing YQSG into its current organized and developed state. On behalf of the new team we would like to extend our greatest appreciation and gratitude to his leadership, dedication and contribution for the past 4 years. 

My closing message goes with a huge thanks for all the hard work, dedication and contribution... (i am speechless to describe all) of the Editorial and Publishing Team led by Sr Vincent Lau and Sr Hasitha Gunasekara. Without these creative YQS, we will not be having this newsletter in front of you at all!

*Extracted from YQSG PAQS Newsletter 2014: Think Outside the Box. Download here.